How to Find a Custom Bottle Manufacturing Company

Plastic bottles are found everywhere. From the medicine cabinet and refrigerator to the endless shelves in the store, customers are faced with a sea of bottles. How do brands differentiate their product from the rest? Brands must offer aesthetic appeal with innovative designs, speciality packaging that functions well and at the same time, exceeds industry standards by working with a custom bottle manufacturing company.

But, how can brands find a custom bottle manufacturing company they can truly trust to accomplish those goals? And what about a turnkey partner who can handle everything from A-Z

Find a Custom Bottle Manufacturing Company

No matter the industry you’re in, with the help of a custom bottle manufacturing company, brands can achieve the delicate balance of aesthetics and high-level functionality their product deserves.

  • Aesthetic and design considerations can range from bottle material, color, shape, size, closure, etc.
  • Functionality considerations can ensure that your product will withstand the elements such as moisture, aromas and oxygen and be impact resistant if necessary.

All industries can benefit from working with a custom bottle manufacturing company: chemical, beverage, beauty, food production, automotive parts wholesale, industrial, pharmaceutical, etc. But, we recognize that every client has unique needs which is why we have invested in the latest technology to deliver only the highest quality solutions.

Our turnkey custom bottle manufacturing process includes validation, design for manufacturing, tooling design, automation, decoration, etc. As your true manufacturing partner, we will work to not only help your product gain the edge over competition and stand out on the shelf from all the rest, but will also create a unique design that captures your customer’s attention.

Flexcraft Custom Bottle Manufacturing

As leading experts in the field of custom bottle manufacturing in the United States, we work directly with clients to create custom packaging solutions. From smaller spice-sized bottles to larger gallon-sized containers (and bigger), our team will develop a unique mold ensuring the design meets your needs.

With over 100 years of combined experience, our dedicated team at Flexcraft will provide the modern solutions to help you grow your business while lowering production costs and maximizing product quality. It is because of our meticulous program management services, streamlined production times and consistency in delivering high-quality products that allows us to quickly and competitively produce high-quality solutions.

Centrally located by all major highways in Neptune City, NJ, Flexcraft also offers storage and distribution services at our 200,000 square foot warehouse. As your custom bottle manufacturing partner, we will work directly with your brand’s procurement and planning teams to build customized logistics solutions.

Learn more about our custom bottle manufacturing capabilities; please call 732-502-9500 to speak with one of our representatives today.


Over 100 Years of Combined Experience

With over 100 years of combined custom blow molding experience, our dedicated staff will help lower your production costs and maximize product quality. To learn more about our capabilities please call 732-502-9500 to speak with one of our representatives today.


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