Molding Capabilities

Molding Capabilities

We operate under the belief that if it can
be done, we can and will do it better.

Flexcraft is a world class custom plastics molding company specializing in custom blow molding, injection molding, and assembly.

As experts in processing engineered resins including Polycarbonate, Polysulfone, Radel, ABS and more, we are frequently called upon to develop and execute the most difficult blow molding projects. We have a wide range of equipment capable of producing the most complex parts with our custom plastics molding capabilities. We currently serve customers in the medical, life sciences, military, aerospace, OEM, industrial, consumer markets and more.

We also offer custom injection molding on machines ranging from 22-310 tons.  We are specialists in small run custom manufacturing, with additional capabilities for scaling up for large production runs.  We have a wide range of custom plastics molding capabilities including unscrewing cores, hand loaded inserts, insert molding, over molding, and more.  We can also provide secondary operations for smaller custom molding when the high cost of cam action tooling cannot be justified.   We have experience processing a wide variety of resins including HDPE, Polypropylene, ABS, Polycarbonate,  Nylon, PEEK, Tefzel, Acetal, and more.

Our Capabilities

Blow Molding

Proven experts in processing engineered resins including Polycarbonate, Polysulfone, Radel, ABS and more!


Injection Molding

We are well versed in scientific molding and validation, and have the experience necessary to today’s most complex requirements.


Mold Design & MFG

Whether you have completed mold drawings, 3D models, or just a sketch, our state of the art software, equipment, and expert staff can help guide you through the entire development process.


Rapid Prototyping

Our state of the art 3D prototyping machine has the capability of producing parts within tolerances as tight as 0.0095”. Additionally, the ABS material used for prototyping is mechanically strong and stable over time, and can be drilled, tapped, and painted as needed.


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  • Polycarbonate and Polysulfone Medical Devices

  • Blow Molded Polycarbonate Light Globes

  • Blow Molded Nylon Automotive Products

  • Intricate and Complex Blow Molded Products