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Custom blow molding is a process used for the creation of hollow plastic parts such as bottles, containers, tanks, and more.  Custom blow molding is widely used in today’s consumer product manufacturing, pharmaceutical, aerospace, industrial and automotive industries. Flexcraft’s experienced team of engineers and technicians are well prepared to handle any project from design to final production and packaging.

Our continuous investment in state of the art technology allows us to provide our clients with a full range of custom blow molding capabilities. Additionally, our quick response rate and attention to detail provide a level of service unrivaled in the blow molding industry.


Custom Blow Molding Capabilities

  • Clean Room processing and assembly of medical devices, lab ware, and electronics
  • Industrial blow molding of large, complex parts and assemblies
  • High volume bottle production of HDPE, PP, and PET bottles
  • Multi-component production and assembly

Custom Blow Molding Advantages

  • Cost effective tooling solutions allow for single and multi cavity production
  • In process automation capabilities allow for efficient, repeatable production yields
  • Faster cycle times allow for lower part price than other processes including rotomolding
  • No wasted material-, all in process scrap can by recycled and reused

Blow Molding Platforms

At Flexcraft, we offer multiple platforms to provide the most effective solution to
surpass your quality requirements and annual volume needs.

Extrusion Blow Molding commonly referred to as EBM, is a blow molding method where plastic is melted and extruded into a hollow tube. This tube then gets enclosed into a cold metal mold and air is blown into the tube inflating it into the shape of the hollow bottle, container, part. After the plastic has cooled off, the mold is then opened and the plastic is ejected.

  • Continuous Extrusion – At Flexcraft we use state of the art shuttle technology which provides the ultimate flexibility for blow molding both low volume custom jobs and high-volume programs on the same machines. Our machines are equipped with servo driven part takeout, deflashing, and leak detection systems, providing highly efficient, automatic production of custom bottles, containers, and more. Our capabilities include working with materials like PETG, HDPE, PCR, LDPE, PP, PC, Styrolux & more. Mold Cavitation is 1-12.
  • Accumulator Head – Accumulator head blow molding machines are required for large part blow molding. With accumulator head machines, the screw conveys a specific volume of material into the head of the machine to the desired shot size. Once that shot size is met, a “plunger” inside the head pushes the material through the die so a parison large enough to form a part can be extruded from the head without gravity pulling it to the floor.

Injection stretch blow molding process includes two main different methods: single-stage and two-stage process.

  • Single Stage Stretch Blow Molding – At Flexcraft, we continue to invest in innovative and in the most modern machinery and methods to be able to gain advantages in servicing all client’s needs at affordable costs. We use state of the art servo driven technology for fully automatic, cost efficient production of custom PET bottles. Single stage stretch blow molding offers flexibility in production capability for custom PET bottles because custom preforms are molded specific to the bottle design in the same cycle as the bottle being blow.This also allows bottles to be produced without neck ring supports. It eliminates potential damage and scratching of preforms before blowing, which improves ability to manufacture clear, scratch free bottles.The single stage ISBM process is a clean, contained environment, and typical applications include cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, detergent, mouth wash, baby bottles, spice, salad dressing, food, liquor, industrial, OEM, and more.

Over 100 Years of Combined Experience

With over 100 years of combined custom blow molding experience, our dedicated staff will help lower your production costs and maximize product quality. To learn more about our capabilities please call 732-502-9500 to speak with one of our representatives today.



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