Custom Bottle Manufacturing

Our team of custom bottle experts will work directly with your team throughout the entire
custom bottle manufacturing process, helping ensure your design meets your needs!


Who Needs Custom Bottle Manufacturing

Small to large companies that serve end consumers benefit from and actively seek custom bottle manufacturing.

Think of a consumer’s day: starting early in the morning with picking up the Colgate toothpaste tube, going through lunch break using the water fountain to fill up their Contigo reusable bottle, to the late evening, relaxing in front of the TV with a bottle of Pure Leaf iced tea.

Bottles and packaging are typically the first point of contact with your customer, and in today’s hyper-competitive market, cost, quality and functionality are critical to your success. As a turnkey custom bottle manufacturing solution, Flexcraft will help you quickly bring your concept into production and get your product on the shelves.


Advantages of Custom Bottle Manufacturing

The biggest advantage when you choose Flexcraft as your custom bottle manufacturing company is that we are your one-stop-shop solution. We have the capability to meet all your bottle manufacturing needs by implementing blow molding and/or injection molding when a project requires both. This means that your complete bottle including cap or other parts can be produced in one facility to save you time and money.

Our team of custom bottle experts will work directly with your team throughout the entire custom bottle manufacturing process, helping ensure your design meets your needs. This includes concept validation, design for manufacturing, tooling design, automation, decoration, and more.
As a turnkey manufacturing partner, we offer a full suite of services required to successfully manufacture and launch your product.


State of the Art Technology

Flexcraft invests millions of dollars per year in the latest blow molding technology. By utilizing the best
technology available, we offer our customers the highest quality product at competitive prices,
all while enjoying the benefit of the best service in the industry.


A Full Suite of Services

Do you have an innovative bottle design, or a concept you want to test before scaling up for mass production? We will help develop a unit cavity mold to cost effectively produce a small quantity of molded samples for testing. This provides the ability to run material samples, run various colors, and make design changes without having to deal with the cost and time constraints of multi-cavity production molds. Once the samples are fully tested and approved, we will then utilize all of the lessons learned to design and manufacture production tooling and prepare for your big launch.

Once your design is finalized and you are ready for production tooling, we will expertly manage the process to ensure your project is ready for high volume production. This includes everything from multi cavity production molds, in line automation, leak testing, vision inspection, decorating, assembly, and more.

While we have mastered the processing techniques required for standard bottle materials including HDPE, PET and Polypropylene (PP), we excel in our ability to offer expert support in the molding of complex engineered resins including Polycarbonate (PC), Polysulfone, PETG and more.

At Flexcraft, our customers are truly the lifeblood of our company, and this is reflected in our partnership approach to the way our business is managed. We understand that even with the best forecasting possible, the business climate is dynamic and needs can change at a moment’s notice. Fortunately, Flexcraft understands a reliable supply of bottles is critical to keep a production line running and we are flexible and transparent in our approach to servicing our customers.

Our modern machinery is networked with advanced software, providing up to the minute monitoring of every production run, allowing us to communicate immediate production status updates.

Production tooling represents a significant investment, but high quality parts require high quality tooling to ensure continued reliability and quality. As a true manufacturing partner, Flexcraft offers mold financing and amortization programs for high volume programs when the circumstances warrant such an arrangement.

The Most Cost Effective Solution

Additionally, we have invested in the equipment and expertise to provide multiple different molding technologies under one roof. This means we aren’t going to try to sell you on one molding platform just because that is all we offer – we are able to accurately evaluate a bottle design and production needs to help determine whether your bottle requires extrusion blow molding, injection stretch blow molding, or injection molding, and will develop most cost effective solution for your specific needs.


Storage and Distribution

Flexcraft offers a large footprint of over 200,000 square feet, centrally located by all major highways in Neptune City, NJ. As an integral partner in your supply chain that knows that no two customer’s demands are the same, we will work with your procurement and planning teams to build custom logistics solutions. We also offer:

  • Make and ship
  • Blanket order and stocking agreements
  • Customer owned inventory – warehousing and fulfillment services


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