Medical Blow Molding

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What is Medical Blow Molding?

Medical blow molding is a blow molding process widely used in the creation of bottles, containers, or any other plastic product used in the medical industry. Medical blow molding requires a unique combination of state of the art technology, advanced technical aptitude, and rigorous implementation of quality systems.

Because all custom blow molded applications tend to have their own requirements, program specific production cells are typically designed, engineered, and manufactured to ensure project requirements are successfully met.


Requirements for Medical Blow Molding

Medical blow molding requires rigorous adherence to quality standards. For example, a pharmaceutical bottle needs to be able to withstand permeation, leaks, or discoloration that might compromise the contents. Because of this medical products cannot be made of just any plastic and at any quality.

Flexcraft has extensive experience processing USP Class VI resins that have been tested and pass stringent bio-compatibility requirements. There is a wide variety of commercial available Class VI resins to meet specific applications of strength, compatibility, autoclavability, clarity and more, including but not limited to HDPE, PP, PETG, PC, PEEK, and more.


Cleanroom Molding Environment

Flexcraft offers a cleanroom molding environment, outfitted with state of the art equipment, material drying and handling systems, fully automated, hands free production, and a full suite of secondary operations and assembly equipment. Flexcraft is an ISO 9001:2015 certified plastics molding company.

Our project engineering and quality teams will work directly with your staff to develop and execute the most stringent validation plans to ensure all processes are fully capable of meeting your needs.


State of the Art Technology

Flexcraft invests millions of dollars per year in the latest blow molding technology. By utilizing the best
technology available, we offer our customers the highest quality product at competitive prices,
all while enjoying the benefit of the best service in the industry.


Medical Blow Molding Capabilities

With almost 50 years of experience in blow molding medical products, here are
some examples of medical applications we stand behind:

Soft, flexible blow molded materials lend themselves perfectly to the requirements needed for cuffs and balloons. Flexcraft has successfully molded various flexible medical grade resins including EVA, PVC, Carbothane, Tecothane, Ateva, and more.

Flexible fluid and breather bags can be cost effectively blow molded in high volumes, meeting the quality and technical requirements critical in the medical market. Materials such as Teknor Apex Medalist are commercially available and capable of replacing the expensive, time consuming process of dip molding.

Multi-chamber, blow molded bags capable of freezing and preservation at cryogenic temperatures.

Blow molding can be used to produce plastic vials of various shapes, sizes, materials, and configurations.

Thick walled blow molded containers can be designed and manufactured for various fluid management systems. Extrusion blow mold tooling is cost effective, thus offering a viable solution for manufacturing different configurations. Blow molding is ideal for producing both disposable and autoclavable, reusable containers.

High quality, rigid containers manufactured to be impact, crush, and needle proof. By utilizing multi-cavity mold configurations, high quality, custom rigid containers can be manufactured cost effectively to meet the requirements of the medical market.

Bellows can be blow molded in various different sizes, thicknesses, and materials to accomplish many purposes including suction, dispensing, pumping, and more. Common materials used in blow molding bellows include EVA, LDPE, PP, and HDPE/LDPE mix. Extrusion blow molding is ideal for bellows manufacturing since the design and material selection are critical to functionality. During the development phase of the project, various process parameters can be tested to ensure the part meets necessary product requirements.


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