Case Study

Metal to Plastic Conversion ft. Pool Town

This particular client came to Flexcraft with an idea in mind: redesign an expensive metal product using plastic to achieve a more cost-effective solution.


For over 28 years, Pool Town has served New Jersey homeowners with innovative pool designs and inground pool construction. As a premier design, construction and installation company, they believe that the best pools are the ones that start with the best construction.


metal to plastic conversionPool Town had an idea to develop a stronger, more cost-effective inground pool support system to replace expensive metal concrete frames used in building inground vinyl pools.

When Pool Town first contacted Flexcraft, they were using heavy, expensive metal frames that then got filled with concrete and backfilled with dirt to create the pool frame support system. The management team at Pool Town had an idea to create a comparable form out of plastic, that would be easier to handle, quicker to install, and much more cost effective. If this idea could come to fruition, the owner of Pool Town knew they would be on to something big.



Flexcraft assembled their team of engineers, designers and manufacturing experts to collaborate with Pool Town to fully analyze the existing concept and help make the design as cost effective and easy to manufacture as possible. Once the metal to plastic conversion concept was fully fleshed out, Flexcraft leveraged their in-house mold making capabilities to quickly and successfully bring the product to market.

Throughout the course of the project, we successfully offered the following services:

  • Program Management: As with most, this project had a lot of moving parts. Our attention to detail, thorough communication and fast response rate throughout the entire project provided high-quality service this client needed.
  • Mold Design: Through our long years of over 100 years of combined experience and cutting-edge technology, Flexcraft was able to design various samples and consult with Pool Town to ensure the mold would meet necessary product requirements.
  • Manufacturing: Once the concept was fully approved, Flexcraft streamlined the product development process to ensure manufacturing was a resounding success.


The newly designed Concrete X-Brace Construction has become the pool installation of choice, and for good reason. Concrete X-Brace Construction is stronger in both vertical and horizontal support in comparison to standard construction. In fact, its alpha composite panels feature a combination of polymer resin and fiber reinforced composites to lend unrivaled strength to the panel design.

By using Flexcraft as their mold design and manufacturing solution, Pool Town was able to build a stronger, more cost-effective inground pool support system. As a single source supplier, Flexcraft provides in-house tooling, molding, decorating and assembly services.

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