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Adaptive Measuring

Innovative solutions are the key to help businesses solve everyday problems. See how Flexcraft became the single source manufacturing solution for Adaptive Measuring, providing blow molding, injection molding, printing, and assembly solutions for the popular Snap Shot 500ml flask.


Established in 2017, the U.S. based company, Adaptive Measuring, was formed to “explore markets where advances in plastics manufacturing have created new opportunities for innovative solutions that add value for consumers and producers in a way not previously possible.” Targeting the wine & spirits, sports science, medical, and chemical industries, they strive to help brands create unique differentiating factors that help increase market share.


President and CEO, Samuel Foster, came to Flexcraft with a design concept for a patent pending, portable, reusable bottle with built-in measuring capabilities. We worked with Adaptive Measuring to optimize the design and implement the best course of action to produce a high quality product while minimizing upfront production costs.


The Flexcraft team worked hand-in-hand with Adaptive Measuring throughout the entire process until the product was ready to be manufactured. Throughout the course of the project, we successfully offered the following services:

  • Design review: Flexcraft consulted with Adaptive Measuring in the early stages of development to make sure the product design would be robust enough for consistent manufacturing. After thorough discussion about the needs, goals and requirements our in-house manufacturing engineers worked directly with the client to produce a cost effective manufacturing solution.
  • Tooling design: This project required both blow molded and injection molded With our precise blend of experience and cutting edge technology, Flexcraft used the customer’s design to model and build the molds required for manufacturing of a successful end product.
  • Program management: This project also had a lot of moving parts including: mold build, manufacturing the molded parts, color trials, custom printing of the bottle, retail packaging and shipping to the fulfillment partner. Our attention to detail, communication and quick response rate provided a top level of service this client was looking for. Successfully managing the entire project, the Flexcraft team ensured no step was missed and the product was a resounding success.


Adaptive Measuring was incredibly happy with the end result: the Snap Shot 500ml flask with two shot glasses that snap on and off. It is made of a durable, recyclable plastic that is BPA free and dishwasher safe and features a semitransparent bottle with ounce markers to help ensure the perfect measurement of your favorite drink.

By using Flexcraft as their reusable bottle manufacturing solution, Adaptive Measuring was able to find a single source supplier that provided tooling, molding, decorating and assembly services, all under one roof!

Now that all the hard work has been done, what comes next for Adaptive Measuring is quick and easy. Our in-process automation capabilities allow for efficient, repeatable production yields so all they need to do for repeat production is place a new purchase order. With faster cycle times, and no wasted material, their product will be conveniently manufactured and on the way to their customers!

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