Innovative Blow Molding Company Announces Game Changer in Packing: Universal Robotics

As an innovative blow molding company, Flexcraft recently made large strides in automating in their packing processes. In response to increased demands for faster turnaround times and lower costs, Flexcraft successfully integrated its first Universal Robotics UR5 robot.

Impact of Innovative Automation

In today’s global economy, labor is scarce and cost is critical. Delivering proven advantages for manufacturers facing these challenges, automation has increasingly found its way into many packing operations. The robotics market is setting new records in North America due to demands for increased deployment and quick ROI. In fact, according to the Robotic Industries Association, in North America, there were 32% more robots purchased in the first quarter of 2017 than at the same time the year before,

In response, Flexcraft has integrated the Universal Robotics UR5 robot to streamline and optimize processes across production operations.

Innovative Blow Molding Company Always Seeking Solutions

Always at the forefront of advanced technologies to ensure all processes are thorough and effective for each customer, Flexcraft has successfully integrated its first Universal Robotics UR5 robot that will automatically case pack bottles and work alongside production personnel to complete tasks more efficiently.

Blow molding often requires unique solutions for a large amount of repetitive tasks. Through innovation and automation, this collaborative robot, also known as a cobot, is empowering Flexcraft to work smarter and faster. It’s a game-changer for meeting deliverables. Through innovative designs and effective implementation, Flexcraft’s robotics offer new opportunities to unlock enormous amounts of time, energy and cost savings within each project.

In this specific application, a full time operator was required 24 hours per day, five days a week to simply make boxes and fill each one with four bottles each. Not only was this monotonous and incredibly repetitive, but took quite a bit of hustle to keep up with the machine making the bottles. In addition, when the operator took a break, it required finding a replacement to fill in, because the machine doesn’t stop.

By rethinking the production line, the continuous improvement and engineering teams changed the line layout, added some automation equipment and integrated the robot on a very tight timeline. Upon completion, the full time operator is now able to monitor this specific machine to make sure everything works correctly as well as tend to three additional machines during the same time period.

Solutions-Driven, Innovative Blow Molding Company

There is no doubt that manufacturing tasks are laborious, fast-paced and repetitive. As progressive industry leaders, we are aware that automation is changing everything. The integration of universal robotics for packing will allow us to greatly improve internal processes, accelerate turnaround time and optimize productions to run 24/7, in a way that manual laborers cannot.

We are an innovative blow molding company, committed to fueling our customer success with features that transform and streamline the entire production process. To learn more about Flexcraft’s commitment to innovative, high-quality production or request a quote, please call 732-502-9500 and speak with one of our representatives today.


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